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Random Reviews

I loved this story , please continue it, make it into a series. Let us hear how they suffer their treatments as they visit the salon.
Elizabeths Salon for Men
Short and sweet.Thanks for posting.
Limousine Service
LOL! Be careful of what you wish for, huh? And was there a not-so-hidden message in here for communities, on the net and otherwise, that need to be pulling together instead of consuming each other...or am I just reading too much into it? A fine work in any event.
The Good Deed
(Comment contains major spoilers) I thought the characterization was excellent and I very much liked the angle of devoted parent. However, our heroine got shafted, no doubt about it. She may have come to like the transformation that was forced upon her, but she was definitely forced, including hypnotic compulsion, robbery, and identity theft. (Okay, heck, those are common for these stories, no problem there.) The problem I have is that one of the perpetrators is Nadine, a person that Jackie trusts, and continues to rely on after discovering about the plot. I find THAT to be a plot hole that's hard to swallow. Okay, the crew at the diner, they've been sold a bill of goods, how are you going to correct them? That was covered very well, I thought. The clothes and hair angle was plausible. But the "I guess I have no choice but to take hormones" was an awfully weak-willed choice that seemed rather implausible, particular when you realize that both the suit and hormones were expensive, so Lisa must have been really shafting him for quite a while to purchase these items. Overall, the story was good and well written, the characters were good, but Jackie is just too easy-going. She doesn't want the life-altering change, but goes along without protest. And when confronted with massive conspiracy and betrayal, she shows neither anger nor inclination for vengeance, and continues to trust one of the perpetrators. It seems to me that either Jackie really *does* want this change, or she should be angrier at her victimizers. I did like that fact that Lisa will never have any rights over her children. And, of course, I love a happy ending. A very good story, despite my complaints.
Hon I have to say i read this story on the original incarnation of FM and absolutely loved it. It is great. And then you find a way to tie it in with one of the few stories that i might even like a little bit more, not knowing they were both by you. Shear perfection, well if not perfection pretty darn close. (Oliver Twist voice)Please m'am, I'd like some more.
Addiction to Dress

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