NBC News has learned Estrogen in the water is changing male fish into female fish--And, it seems not only fish are affected....


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I'm really enjoying this series. Unlike so many stories, this story brings up the consequences of The Change on families and work. That's something that's too often written around, or glossed over. Rachel's self doubt is very believable. All of the characters are well developed. And yes, the sex scenes are among the hottest I've read. ;) Keep writing!
Rachel - Crossing the Line VI
well , first off i liked the story line . second found that it should have gone deeper as in what happened to the guy afterward what kind of other changes perhaps did he find that he wanted to try could also go into animals as well this story should not be ending here but could really explode into a really nice large plot
Liquid Body
I AGREE! a well done story with interesting twists on some themes that make them fresh and new again! And a sequel would be nice! Maybe someone else finds the other pill? A boy from school perhaps?
Oedipus X Reversed
Although crossdressing holds no appeal for me, this story does. It has a light and airy rhythm to it that nicely complements the transformation of Paul into Paula. It is well-written, well-balanced and literate.
The New Shopgirl
I loved this story. It could do with a little fine-tuning, but just on the syntax and style. The story itself was very good. It was short, but very detailed in its transformation and what happened afterward. I hope there will be more, and will be looking forward to reading more from this author.
Old Slipper Man

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FictionMania is sponsored by Glamour Boutique

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