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Random Reviews

Thank you for an excellent story. i was gripped by the slow but inexorable progression of Stephie's control and feminisation of Paul(a), and I delighted in the humiliation inflicted on him/her. OPlease can we have more of this type of story; the lists are dominated with magic, bvody switches etc, wwhereas this type of story is believable.
One Husband's Humiliations
Christine: don't listen to that last asshole. your story is great. i hope you continue to write more chapters as the anticipation is worth waiting for. i also hope that you will write another story soon! Cecil
Forced To Be A Girl
very nice use of the SRU. I just hope the chinese don't get ahold of the old wizard :) (a reference to one of your prior stories) merry xmas!
SRU: Toys for Tits
More thoughts: the great thing about this story is the sensitive portrayal of the man as "other." So often, stories depict the man as being humiliated by being feminized or transformed into a woman. There the standpoint is still male pleasure and male needs. The true revolution and the higher goal of human evolution is the turn of our culture toward matriarchy. This goal will never be achieved until a man can learn how to shift his identification to that of the Woman he adores. Her pleasure comes first and foremost. He adopts Her values and outlook. Rather than being humiliated by Her successes, he takes pride and pleasure in Her capture of him and Her subjugation of him to Her will. The dialogue in this script brilliantly depicts this process, which is both a sexual and a spiritual process. The sexual aspect is the wonderful release the reader feels in being treated both lovingly and as an instrument of Her pleasure. Spiritually, the man in the story is being raised to a higher level, a Feminine level, as he learns to worship his captor and foled his own needs into Hers. The key point is that the male reaches his highest glory not by giving up his maleness but transvaluing it, so that it takes its rightful subordinate place within the Divine Feminine. Thank you to the author!
The Debutant
Olivia, I really enjoyed Altered Fates: "Farmer's Daughter". Great Job! I don't think I would have had Brandy go back to preteen but I understand it worked better in the story. Actually, it would have been awesome if their daughter Robin could have come home to see her identical twin - and then further corrupt the story by adding a sex scene between the two beauties... But oh well. For story sake - it was great and I look forward to more! JR Parz
Altered Fates: Farmers Daughter

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FictionMania is sponsored by Glamour Boutique

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