DNA girl Carl was furious when Bill joined the cheerleader's squad. Worse, she flubbed the tryouts herself.


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Random Reviews

Super story, I was able to feel like someone else through body swapping.
Limousine Service
Your story was great. Please keep writing.
I'm Not Really a Waitress, Part 1
I loved your story, Laua Gets a Surpise. I would have been you silly. Only the burgalor would have taken me out on the stroll after he made me dress totaly like a horney tramp and made me solicit strangers as his hooker late at night. of course hed get me a little tipsy first. the johns would call me all sorts of nasty names but Id be in heaven being controlled by this strange man. Hed black mail me into being his hooker every weekend. oved everything you wrote, you are D]ear, keep up the great work. kisses Lillian.
Laura gets a Surprise
Well I for one didn't like the story. This is a TG fiction area and this story had what 3 lines of tg fiction mentioned almost as an after thought to get the story to barely qualify to be on this board. The concept of the story is weak and seems geared towards an excuse to live out the authors fantasy of control over Lesbians, uptight and controlling women. *sigh*
Sex Game
Nice job. I was hoping the girlfriend was hiding in the closet watching the whole excapade.... I can hardly wait for the sequel, when they get old enough to put on garter belts and stockings with makeup and all those wonderful things. Thinks for the wonderful bedtime story!
Sister's 4-H Project

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FictionMania is sponsored by Glamour Boutique

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