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Have you read this week's TV Guide? "Fantasy Island" A men who's jealous of his lothario friend wants to understand better how women thinks. Sounds like they read your episode. Good story, by the way. Maybe there's more Mr. Rourke tales waiting toget written.
Fantasy Island
Interesting premise to say the least. Sometimes I wonder if I am reading the same story as other viewers. I was hoping that he would live out his life in a "Ground Hog Day" scenario; doomed to relive the same events over and over, forever. Doomed to co-experience dying, not death, interminal. "The Ripper" is a good experience, perhaps experience the impalement and dying of each of Vlad the Impaler's 30,000 victims. The possibilities are limitless. Ooooooo, I am really sick, huh? Thank you so very much for a thought provoking story.
Flashback Sentence
On the next inside Edition - Boy Beautity Queens. Join us next as we go behidn the scences of a local California Child Pagent and undercover shocking results. All the contensents are Boys!!!! Casey M.
TV Listings for the TG Network
I was really disappointed by this story. The first third, thru the train ride home was good. The mental image of a gorgeous female head on a male business suited body was quite humourous, and i was hoping to perhaps read about the couples misadventures trying to find the Hinkles, or maybe his problems as he is forced to go to the office ever more femininely turned out, in the same humourous vein. Instead, it was as if a brand new author took over and took the story on a degrading downhill turn. No motive was ever given for the Hinkles being vindictive and evil, whereas the impression had been given that they were crazy but fun loving. why the need for the kinky stuff leading to degradation and death? The story should have been kept on its original light/humourous PG level.
Sensory Overload
Clever story! With the dreamers ususal excellent charctizations! The Body swap is very orginally handled. Suspenful plot, good discriptions - just all around good tale.
Bit By Bit

FictionMania is sponsored by Glamour Boutique

FictionMania is sponsored by Glamour Boutique

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