I'm sorry earthling, but we Tagoli use the human Y chromosone as fuel in our ships. I'm sure being a woman won't be THAT bad


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nice first story. you have great potential. please write some more including more of this one. shalimar
I thought this story, like all your other stories was wonderful. It was kind of a "slice of life" affair and that's why it worked so well. Your secretarial stories are aces with me, but your range beyond is notable and this is a good example. I do find it interesting another person who only published 18 stories here is so critical.
This story was in a way FANTASTIC...It was a good story idea told without resorting to extremely foul language, blond bimbos or 44eee breasts. Was disappointed some with the ending in that not much more was explained about the new Doren...UNLESS you are going to continue this storyline (which you should) and we will get to visit her again soon. As a matter of fact, I am begging you to continue in your writng, including this story. LIKE YOUR STYLE
The author responds: I am sorry that I may have missed the mark for some of the readers on this story. Let me explain the basic concepts that I was going after. Perhaps that would shed some light on matters. For some reason, most males seem to have a deep inner fear of feminization. Sisters will often want to practice putting makeup onto their little brothers; the brother runs in terror. It just appears to be innate. A man placed into a prison, knowing that feminization is his fate, would be filled with utter fear and dread. For the protagonist, his greater fear is the feminization of his mind, rather than his body. Wearing female clothes or becoming pretty (which are cultural perceptions anyway...one cultures skirt is another's kilt) is taken more in stride than any mental changes. But for most men, the main fear seems to of physical changes instead. If a man has a choice of being forced to think and act like a woman, or having his manhood surgically removed, which one would most select for their option? To play on this fear, the captors use someone (who happens to be the protagonist) as the example, so the others can see where they are eventually heading. That is why he is shunned by the others, they are afraid, knowing that they too will soon have breasts, etc. A prison would be a place with gray days, endless routines, constant dread and fear. I attempted to set such a tone. The protagonist goest through seemingly endless stress, until he looses control of himself (the mind, which is his most cherished part of himself, finally snaps as he is no longer able to contain his anger). They have finally got him to break. Now as to room F1, and why no explanation was given, the concept was that there must have been something dreadful, something overwhelmingly terrifying, that it would crush a man's psyche, and make him come out of there acting and thinking like a teenage girl. You are forced to ask yourself: what could such an awful device be? What could possibly do that to a man? And that was the point: by shrouding it in mystery, the reader cannot help but wonder what it is. Your imagination has to attempt to fill in the intentional gap, and *you* will imagine what would be most frightening to *you*. If I had fully explained what *I* had imagined, then you might say "gee, that's cool" or "I don't buy it, that would never work". But instead you're forced to to have your own idea on what it might be. Again, I may have failed in the story for some, but that was the concept behind it. I wanted to do something different, so that I'm not just repeating myself (or other authors). If we as authors stick to only the safe path, then there will never be innovations like fictionmania. I hope you like my next effort better. I have a feeling that the readership is largely male, so I may have to make some adjustments to my style or explain things differently to reach them too. Jen
Arrested Development
Great story! Excellent use and explanation of technology. Just enough to sound beleivable! Oh, and I must have to add as a TS with a partially hermaphroditic body (natural breasts) the sex scene with kip as the female and meg as the male brought back some incredible sensations for me of my first encounter with a real man, a Tv who once undressed was all man.. I had forgotten what those waves of orgasmic spasms felt like..:) thank you for reminding me!
Zoot Suit

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