"Oh they're real! They're real," Doug squealed. "That magic bra was worth every penny."


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Random Reviews

A sweet little story of a lifetime dream fulfilled. Thank you.
Answered Prayers
Hypatia, where can I get this story as a paperback? I didn't just read this story, I experienced it- the multiple disorientations David went through before he became Kathy, her fear when she had to shoot the wo5ld-be rapist, all of it. When Bernard died, I was crying so hard I couldn't see. The rewriting of history at the end 'there couldn't have been an actual character named Kathy- nobody could have done what they said she did, so obviously it was a created fiction' made me think. How much of what we 'know' happened is accurate statement of what really happened in history? The only thing (minor) that rang false was Wendy's knowledge of firearms- how could the UK have changed enough from the 'gun control' victim disarmament they have now that she would have learned to shoot?
The Oracle of New Delphi - part 2
cool concept! about time someone did something like this! Now, let's take things further with these characters... maybe Archie and Reggie come to realize they're really guys but don't care! They like dressing and dating guys too much despite what their parents think. Hmmmmmmmm... yeah, I like this whole thing! Do more!
Dilton's New Dates
Excellent story with a truely unexpected ending about the soul owning and all
The Facsimile Machine
The ending was strangly prophetic, in a creepy sort of way, considering that this was posted on the 12th and the latest episode of Tuck didn't come out until today, the 15th. But maybe I'm just dreaming. Nice work, although I suspect that Eugene's nightmares are *even worse* somehow. But I thought the operating scene with the rather visceral "chose what you lose" scene was right on the money.
Retrograde Dreams

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FictionMania is sponsored by Glamour Boutique

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