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When I wrote One Husband's Humiliation, I really wasn't too thrilled with the non-ending, so I guess a sequel was inevitable! What I wanted to do though was to avoid the trap most sequels fall into. Whether TG fiction or Hollywood, I've noticed that sequels often become plotless. Thinking about this, I really wanted to avoid just having Paul walk around going, "oh my life is so bad." After all, human beings are quite resilient and he had a long time to adjust to his surroundings. On the other hand, it didn't make any sense to write Paul that his wife would need to "reconquer" him. So instead I chose to focus on the changes this sort of thing would cause to these people. I figured that Stephanie would slowly become more demanding and imperial. That of course would cause the others to adjust their behavior accordingly. The most natural outgrowth of this would be her turning on others - aka Richard. But since I'm a romantic at heart, I wanted to give Paul a chance to break free again and find true happiness. Frankly, my only regret is Richard's last name - Howard. I should have given him something that couldn't double for a first name, it seems confusing at times. All in all, I like the way this story turned out. I think the characters are believable and yet I think the plot is wild enough to be entertaining. I know I enjoyed writing it and I've enjoyed re-reading it.
One Husband's Humiliations-Sequel
Jennifer, I am enjoying your story very much. I'm glad that Jennifer is embracing the opportunity and that her mom has set things up for her to experience the summer of her life. I'm sure a lot of interesting adventures await Jennifer with her time at Aunt Becky's with her cousins. -Dee
The Making of Jennifer Part 6
I just wanted to compliment the author on a terrific story, well-told and truly in keeping with the spirit of the original television series. The dialogue and characterization were dead-on brilliant, and I laughed out loud at the epilogue. Brava!
Gilligan and the Morphing Meteorite
This is the BEST 'Great Shift' tale yet. All the characters come across as believable human beings. No small feat, considering the size of the cast. I look forward to more stories from 'Mariko'.
The Great Shift: Kiyomi's Tale
Gee Whiz, I filed this story under TG_Fiction but I should have put in the Fantasy section. Nearly every aspect of TG Fiction is present in the first two books. What the author will do with the remainder has me quite curious. But overall, I was delighted with the story. I did have some trouble keeping all the families straight in my mind but the index was helpful here. And the boy/girls, nearly everyone. Jennifer Sue, keep up the great work. I loved your first two books.
Ladd's Exchange Mall - Book 1

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FictionMania is sponsored by Glamour Boutique

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