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Random Reviews

Hi Missy, I have only one problem with your story, I want to read the whole thing now and not wait!! I like how you are letting Jenny progress and not have an instant transformation. I am living my girlhood vicariously through this story, as I had to wait till I was older to transition. This is my daily dose of happiness!!! Thanks, Pamela
Sister, Sister, Sister - Part 8
This was the single most erotic saga I have ever read and was hard and horny the entire time reading it!! Please write more!!!
Lucy's Revenge Part 6
I really love your work :) I wouldn't mind a story or three about "Britney's" experiences at the all girls school and college, how her relationship with her girlfriend develops, and possibly her dating one or both of the twins if the adults in the story do get married. You write such interesting characters and settings I'm always a little sad to see them marked as "complete" as I keep hoping for more!
Double Your Pleasure Double Your Fun 3
a great story from a name I haven't seen listed as an author here before. talk about getting off to a good start!!! I'm sure they will be comparring Ariel to the best writers here soon. this well written story features some of the best legal dialogue I have read lately and lets you in on the thoughts of the lawyers saying it as well. any fan of the tv show ally mcbeal should read this as well. You'll never look at ally quite the same way anymore :) any chance of more legal cases for these lawyers to solve, Ariel???
The Cross-examination of Malcolm Tangiers, M.D., Ph.D
I thought this story was an obvious step up from most FM stories, but had some problems that kept it from being as enjoyable as it might have been. For instance, the whole deal about the rape. Why would this affect his career? It would just be repeating accusations that had already been made 10 years earlier, by a girl nobody believed anyway. Anyway, having a friend who raped somebody isn't a crime, and wouldn't sound particularly horrible in a newspaper... But the main problem is, it's a suspense story with no suspense. The narrator is put in the position of watching episodic bad stuff happening, and what happens to the characters seems inevitable. Ideally, a suspense story has an element of mystery and surprise. However, the cliched "I Spit On Your Grave" type premise doesn't allow for anything but the obvious to happen. This isn't helped by being created for a TG website. At least "I Spit On Your Grave" could surprise audiences in the manner of death. With this story, on the other hand, reader know what's going to happen to the "Gang of Four" before reading a single sentence.
Taking the Fall

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FictionMania is sponsored by Glamour Boutique

FictionMania is sponsored by Glamour Boutique

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