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Prim's Petticoat Wendyhouse  added: 11/15/2016
Prim used to contribute his art and stories to Prissys-Sissies, but in January 2016 he started the Petticoat Wendyhouse. It has hundreds of stories of forced feminization at the hands of dominant women. Membership entitles you to everything, including a monthly rolling program of new Prim stuff, and the Aunt Frocks Newsletter comes out in the middle of every month.
Forced Crossdresser Fantasies  added: 02/05/2016
A site dedicated to the wildest forced feminization fantasies imaginable, captured in dramatic erotic portrayals through artwork, comics, stories, and illustrated novels. This site has the highest reputation in gripping the minds of this niche's fans and melding sexy feminization fantasies in between the most desirable dreams and an almost touchable reality.
Fetish Village  added: 09/26/2015
Forced femme, and giantesses, and femdom. Oh, my. This is a space where I will explore my creativity in the fetish world. I have some captions and writing that I'd like to share with you covering a range of fetish topics. Mostly involving a powerful woman exerting her will over her weak subject.
Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme  added: 02/23/2014
A commercial visual novel about a group of characters who are caught in a mysterious gender changing explosion. Features 11 M2F characters and 2 F2M characters, as well as mermaids, slimegirls, catgirls and more.
Oh! Leander  added: 11/28/2013
Outlander Leander is a young adult series that mixes sci-fi with fantasy and includes both bisexual and transsexual characters. The stories also include full page illustrations for fans of artwork.
Gender Bender  added: 03/26/2012
This site displays huge collection of videos related to gender bender, tg transformation, sex change, male into female transformation, crossdressing, body swap, female possession from various sources of internet.
The Omar Bell Universe  added: 04/20/2011
This is a blog dedicated to Nikki J's Omar Bell Universe, and it contains traditional text stories, picture stories, and captions. Site contains racial stereotypes and racially motivated changes.
Male Femininity  added: 08/26/2009
A site with articles and pictures of feminine men, cross-dressers, ladyboys, sissies, bishounen and anything else related.
Sylvia Who? stories  added: 04/19/2008
TG Stories with images
Beverly's Balcony  added: 10/17/2005
A picturesque and eclectic site featuring some of the best in TG Fiction by a number of contemporary authors, as well as, other features ranging from FanVids and Fanfiction to favorite games and music. So come by the Balcony, pull up a chair and enjoy the view...
Femur's TG Comics  added: 02/09/2003
Femur's TG Comics: Fiction and Images
Transgender Graphics and Fiction Archive  added: 05/24/99
Jenny North's collection of comic books or strips, role playing games, books and magazines, fiction and modified images all relating to the TG theme
Robo's World  added: 04/04/98
Has both great stories and transformation images.

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