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Reviewed by sissysophie on 11/04/2011

I had a similar experience with my ex mother in law, she caught me wearing her pantie girdle bra and stockings. I was rubbing my small but errect penis inside the pantie girdle when she opened the door and saw me dressed in her underwear. She strip[ped me and beat me with a belt.

so I enjoyed reading the story of Michael wearing his mother in laws panties, made me cum several times while reading it.

Reviewed by Stefani V. on 04/28/2011

Funny I was looking for something to read and chose it because I usually like bad stepmotner/Mother-in-law type stories. I'm really glad I found this one, since there is good descriptions of clothes and feelings throughout the story. I don't usually mind long stories as they have good pacing and this take does. I thought there might have been more opportunities for humiliating experiences but I still think it was a great story. Thank you for a very nice read.

Reviewed by beth on 04/02/2011

long story !but werth the time

Reviewed by jessicacd on 12/01/2010

Wow! This was long, intense and fully captivating and arousing. Exceptional writing. Well done. I was drawn into submission for hours and because my mistress has not yet chastised me, I had the pleasure of filling my panties with cum more than once!

Reviewed by Sophie on 09/08/2010

This is by far the best story I have ever read. Not only is it so well written you have captured the feelings, desires, fears so well.
I was totally capitaved by it and like any good story wanted to be in it!
Wonderful. I look forward to reading more.
Sophie x

Reviewed by Lost Soul on 07/14/2010

What an awful story so unbelievable and so predictable i feel sorry for him was nothing new he needs to tell Mother to get lost awful on to the next story . .

Reviewed by vedagyrl on 06/10/2010

Second time reading this: Epic, amazing and worth the long careful development

Reviewed by BigJohn on 05/13/2010

Great story! I enjoyed it very much.

Reviewed by Liv Vegas on 05/09/2010

As always another amazing story, never a disappoint Sara.......

Reviewed by femmy on 05/07/2010

not bad story, but when arre you going to finish up "room and Board"?

Reviewed by Missi Maid on 04/05/2010

I truly love your stories and this might be the best of all. I do wish you'd consider continuing the story. so many experiences could be explored. I know you would do a wonderful job of following these characters.

Reviewed by Lifte97 on 03/13/2010

Dear Sara

Thank you so much for one of the most terrific stories that I have ever read. The story line, the dialogue and the whole presentation were all excellent. I do so hope that you are able to add to it even if just a substantial epilogue.


Reviewed by Chris UK on 03/04/2010

The best story on the subject I've ever read!

I am a sissy and have been cuckolded and this story captures perfectly the wave upon wave of emotion that you go through that first time.....

I would love to be the person in the story serving a woman with a stern Mother in Law behind her both knowing, using and abusing me. Feminising me too furher and further. Mmmmmmm where my dildo!

Reviewed by greta on 03/04/2010

Wow Sara! What can I say: This story kept me up half of the night. I went to bed dreaming about being feminized and you had me captured all the way. My judgement is short and simple: Instant Classic!

hugs and kisses, greta

Reviewed by Gina on 03/04/2010

Incredible! One of the best stories I've read in ages, dear! Superb! Thank-You!

Reviewed by sissy michelle on 03/03/2010

A great story! Thanks for sharing with us.
I love too reed it and hope on more on the life from Michael/Michelle
thank you
Sissy michelle

Reviewed by Andrea on 03/02/2010

Amazing story - sweet, sentimental, juicy, humiliating - oh I wish I was in these panties. I think that is the best story ever written. Please keept up that incredible work, I have nejoyed every single line and most of them I read twice to fully enjoy the taste of the story!

Reviewed by Melanie on 03/02/2010

A great story. You have a real talent and are able to get into the minds of your characters in a way that makes them totally lifelike. I love reading your stories.

When will you be finishing Room and Board?

Reviewed by katlo on 03/01/2010

Wonderful story,thanks.

Reviewed by Raquel on 03/01/2010

Dear Sara:

Liked the story and I appreciated the lengths you went to showing how Susan and her mother, as the powerful dominant and her protégée, exercised repetition as the pathway to getting under Michael’s skin to feminize him. Even fictional, fetishtic behavior modification can be real when it has some semblance of reality attached to it, which your character’s ministrations do in sufficient measure.

Reading your blog, I find it rather amazing that your fantasy fiction of sissy Micheal is not out the realm of possibility – I imagined how being dominated in a D/s, slave relationship is much like Michael’s journey sliding down the slope to complete sissydom. Perhaps his circumstances are like a submissive’s shrouded feelings and urges to be a slave and then asking a dominant to take them seriously. Once they ask, they may find the grantor giving them ‘everything’ they’ve asked for, explicitly and implicitly despite the later consternations of the requestor. This sounds very much like Michael’s early willingness to serve and submit and could easily have been his way of asking without asking, which he clearly wanted to do in my version of the story.

Technically I am impressed with the story and suggest a good editor could make a great story into a classic. I say this with little fictional writing experience of my own, and with my first story about ready for submission.

I appreciate the task you have recently completed. Very nice.


Reviewed by Debbie on 03/01/2010

I came to the comment section to enter a long winded praise of your story and your writing style. I can see from the comments below that I'm not alone. I'll keep mine short by saying you have a great ability to capture the conflicting emotions such a senario would hold. I honestly didn't know to the end if Susan was going to go through with it or not. They way she explained every detail was so erotic. I've never read your stories before but I will have my eyes peeled for your next adventure. Thank you so very much for the time an effort you put into this story! Right now I feel your the hottest writer on Fictionmania. If they had a podium like the olympics you'd be on top holding the gold!

Well done!!! and thanks again!

Reviewed by SuZie on 02/28/2010

Verrrrry nice! An intricate dance, the participants swaying to and fro, step step step, so fast, so exhilarating. Never a fall or misstep, though they dance over rough ground and glowing coals. Slow and fast, soft and hard. Shift, shift. Swing us about until we are dizzy. We hold our breath, fearing disaster, yet the Flamenco goes on and on, rat a tat tat! It pulls us relentlessly onward, takes us exactly where you wanted us all along.

Thank you.

Reviewed by Brittany on 02/28/2010

SaraGirl, You are one the best writers I have ever run across. You tease the readers bringing them into your stories. I wish I was James/Jamie.
Please keep up the great work and I hope to see the conclusion of this story soon.



Reviewed by Brittany on 02/28/2010

Oops sorry I was so excited I posted the last review on the wrong story.
Please forgive me but it goes twice as much for this one. I like the lengthy chastity and the forced oral scenes in all your stories. I could not put down my ipod as I could not stop reading. This was the first story of yours I had read and was so enthralled I had to see what else you have done and let me tell you I was not disappointed. Great work and the way you write makes it seem like it is you the reader being put through the paces...

Thank you so much for such great stories

And I certainly look forward to many more.


Reviewed by Soulman on 02/28/2010

One of the best stories I have read on this site. So much work went into this effort and it was truely a pleasure to read. Congradulations!

Reviewed by Mandee on 02/28/2010

Dear Sara
I always love your stories but sorry to say- not this time. It is repetitive as hell and needs a good editor badly. You could have cut by 50 percent if you didn't keep repeating the same theme and conversations almost verbatim over and over.
I believe all the praise you got is just so much political correctness from those of your fans who don't want to encourage you so that more stories are forthcoming.

Reviewed by sissystevie on 02/27/2010

What a wonderful, wonderful story! Everything a sissy could wish for and brilliantly executed too. I love everything you have written, but I would slao love to see the ending to "R&B."

Reviewed by Davina on 02/27/2010

WoW! Where to begin? First, I guess I should say that I am blown away. You are absolutely amazing. I generally steer away from the longer stories because, let's face it, most of us are reading this stuff to facilitate a little self gratification. And that usually coincides with something a little shorter but sometimes, it's nice to draw things out and relish in the anticipation of what is happening next.

I've written some myself and I know how hard it is to take your thoughts that flash by at the speed of light and try to translate that into written text. I have read several of your other pieces and I am always fascinated by your work. The only part that bothers me is how this much talent and hard work can go unrewarded. It's like there should be some hall of fame or even some monetary reward for this much creativity. It sucks that all we get out of it is our own warm fuzzies when we finish one of these.

I don't think Mother-In-Law is the best I've ever read but it did capture my imagination and lead me on a journey that I'll long remember. For me, what makes a story great is when I can easily imagine myself in the sissy's place. And you made this story a perfect vehicle for me spend quite a long time dreaming about what I like to think about the most. for that alone, I feel like I owe you quite a bit. If I were to try and focus on any disappointing qualities of this particular story, it would be the way it ended. You created such a perfect story-line that was easy to imagine being real except it seemed to end too abruptly. But that is just my own imagination working over-time. I might have carried it out one more chapter to include a forced meeting between boyfriend and sissy. It is almost like you left the story at a point where the poor sissy still had a chance to back out of the situation.

But all-in-all, I think the story was well written and definitely one of those stories that left me leaking for hours. I like to wait and deny myself until I get completely through a story before I enjoy any release. So the buildup to the eventuality is very important. I don't like the stories that build you up and then deflate you repeatedly. But your story kept me at the peak of frustrating bliss throughout the entire story. Just incredible is the best short description I can think of.

Reviewed by Sarah on 02/27/2010

Sara Girl - I did it - I read your entire story! It was difficult to stop reading! Yes, it took a few sessions to finish but it was well worth it! It does make one wonder - is a cross-dresser actually a sissy at heart? I wonder? Anyway, I can certainly appreciate Michael's situation, and I actually envy him as well! I did think that Susan would eventually strap on a dildo, with Michael dressed as June Cleaver, and ream him good! That would have been great to add to the story toward the end. But,all in all, your story kept me on the edge of my seat, and feeling hot, hot, hot!

Reviewed by Sissy Chrissie on 02/26/2010

A delicious story from a pervy girl who understands our sissy pysches very well. You won't be able to keep your fingers out of your panties any more than I was able to.

Thanks, Sara...

Reviewed by Susan Johnson on 02/26/2010

The best story I've read for ages!
Thank you!

Reviewed by sissy_holly on 02/26/2010

A great story! Thanks for sharing with us.

The length didn't bother me at all...other than I had to break reading it up into a couple of different pieces due to time constraints...but, I couldn't wait to get back to it to finish each time.

The only issue I had was having to substitute someone for my RL M-I-L into my mental imagery, as she is not fantasy material in any way.

Thanks again!

Reviewed by Aurora on 02/26/2010

The hipnotic repetition, amazing obsession, maquiavelic brainwash, delay the reader´s expectancy, author´s autocontrol,etc. make this story a fantastic creation.

Reviewed by Katie on 02/26/2010

I loved this story.

My only question is - did Susan know that Michelle was really Michael all along while he helped her dress?

Reviewed by gloria on 02/26/2010

Sara Girl,

As my favorite author it is a thrill to read your works again. The themes and dialog among the characters is so perfect and is what you do better than anyone. Especially the teasing and humiliating aspects that drive these sceneros. I do feel that some dialog is protracted or too repetitive resulting in the excessive length.

I felt your attention to describing the articles of female clothing and the fetish appeal to the characters noted in your earlier writings was less prominent in this story, to my disappointment, but I'm sure that was your intention as opposed to an oversite.

I did like the numerous chapters format of your earlier works better than the novel style. It makes for easier reading and allows the reader to peak with the drama unfolding much more and more often.

You are the best, please write more and more often.


Reviewed by Sarah on 02/26/2010

I haven't read your story yet - maybe I'll get around to it one of these years...why does any story have to be this loooong on Fictionmania?????? That alone turns me off. I find that when a story is tooo looong, it is full of filler....and unnecessary stuff!

Reviewed by Lorrielle on 02/26/2010

So very much on the edge. Teetering. Almost slipping. Almost falling away into oblivion, never to be real again. But saved. OK afterall. Maybe. Yes. OK afterall. Showing that love is manifested in different ways. Sometimes it seems almost cruel, a turn off. But to tell it properly it has to be somewhat twisted. The key is that the love runs so very, very deep. It is so complete. But the sexual needs are so overwhelming, so much in one's mind, one's psyche. It is easy to see the different reactions. They all have merit. But you excell marvelously at getting at the heart. Thank you.

Reviewed by Dseeker1 on 02/25/2010


I have not read the whole story but I could not finish it as one reoccurring piece is the husbands growing fetish for sniffing his mother-in-laws panties. You write it as though it is like getting addicted to a new drug. As I'm reading this I seem to feel like I know what will happen next. Mother in law catches him, uses verbal BS and sex to get him to submit and ultimatly dress his to show her daughter/his wife what kind of a man he is. To this point I think it is out-right cruel and can't read beyond this. I'm sure the story has some kind of happy ending but I can't think of it being very happy for all the characters.

I think your story is very well developed and very much detailed. For some reason storys like this just too much for me to enjoy as a fantasy. A question though: What is it with women liking men who are big and "MALE" who would eventually cheat on them, then marry a devoted man and she or some other woman destroys him to prove a meaningless point?

Reviewed by don on 02/25/2010

wonderful... wonderful....

Reviewed by Brina Lynne on 02/25/2010

Oh Sara,

I have missed your writings so much!
I am so happy that you are again sharing with us!

You got right to the Heart of things with this new story.
Please DON'T let it be a Stand Alone? PLEASE?!?

I so want to read more about Michael/Michelle's Journey!
And there is a whole back story potential with Susan's Mom...

I Read and REREAD your "A Change in Our Marriage chapter 8" more than
any story, any where!



Reviewed by M in PA on 02/25/2010

Wonderful story!

So, in Part 2 do we see what Susan has planed? More of Tom? A Tom for Micheal or Dick or Harry? What about Mother and the key? Hows does Micheal get the key if ever? What does he have to do for the key? Questioning minds want to know!

Yes please please please finish Room and Board

Reviewed by geraldine8 on 02/25/2010

A real blockbuster this time with no breaks.

And, so it seems, a final step into Vickie Tern territory, where soulless and conniving women plot to achieve their perceived nirvana with the justification that this is what he wants/needs anyway.

Not one of the 3 protagonists has a redeeming quality, thus ensuring that any identification with one or another is marginal or hollow.

You write well and have a devoted following for your early stories; yet this is more of the same just offered up in one almost indigestible lump.

You flatter but to deceive.

Reviewed by Cynthia on 02/25/2010

Nothing short of a masterpiece. Wonderfully crafted, beautifully written, each scene had me totally captivated. The best story of this genre by far.

Reviewed by Tim on 02/25/2010

Excellent story, thanks for posting! Certainly one of the best stories I've read in some time.

Reviewed by Debi on 02/25/2010

Wonderful story! I couldn't read it in one sitting and found myself postponing other things to get back to the computer to read more. Although I was a little frustrated by the story length, I kept coming back for more. I found the characters credible and loved the way Michael was drawn deeper little by little.
I really like that the couple remains in love and the wife didn't dump the sissy for a "real man".
You're a good writer and, like other reviewers, I'd love to read more about Michael's progression.

Reviewed by superfry on 02/25/2010

Sara Girl, you are such a tease! I saw that you had a new submission and my spine tingled, thinking that it might be the long awaited conclusion to "Room and Board". A moment of disappointment overtook me, but then I quickly became overjoyed with this new story, which was just as good, if not better. I simply LOVED it! I could count all of the ways, but do I really need to? It was simply excellent and very hot. Thank you again for another great submission. You are surely one of the top authors. Thanks again!

Reviewed by Melissa Anne on 02/24/2010

Dear Sara Girl,

I finished reading your incredible story over and hour ago and it has taken me this long to regain some semblance of composure.

You developed this tale deliciously so that at the end of each circumstance I was left racing to read the next development. You also covered with such wonderful detail several of my favorite 'hot buttons' including 'mom-dom', slow deliberate 'forced' feminization and chastity.

I have been reading and writing TG literature for several years and I must tell you that this story is one of my ALL TIME favorites!

Thank you so, so much.


Melissa Anne Curling

Reviewed by Room And Board Fan on 02/24/2010

Please please please please finish Room and Board for us!

Reviewed by BevW on 02/24/2010

Wonder story from a great writer. Always love to see new additions from her. This story is no exception. It moves along nicely and keeps the reader interested from start to finish.

Reviewed by Michelle on 02/24/2010

This story is simply one of the best from the best. If only there were more of Sara and the wait were not so well worth it in any event. Thanks so very, very much! Michelle

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