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I loved the meaness of the women in this wonderful fiction about forced feminization...It had just the right amount of teasing, verbal humuliation, and forced embarrassment.....Well done, Kate...!! I hope we will see more from you....What a talent you have...! ce ce
Sissy Therapy
Dear Ellie, As a Winkte (literaly translates to mean neither man nor woman) following Lakota Spiritual Way, I was surprised at the story. I have read many of your stories in the past and enjoyed them. This was surprising in your lack of understanding of the traditional ways and role of a Winkte. As you implied in the tale, we are given certain Gifts by the Creator and the Spirits, all people are. However, we would never call ourselves shaman or berdache. Shamen are found in Siberia and specific to those peoples. Berdache is a word that comes from the French Morroccan. It means either "kept boy or slave boy". We do not even call ourselves "Medicinemen or Medicinewomen". These titles are given by the people to those that are acknowledged to have the Gift of Healing, not someone trying to impress people. Those that call themselves these names usually are fakes that charge people to even attend Ceremonies. White society calls me transgendered or transexual. Traditional Native society has many names, depending on the particular Nation. Our tradition is respected and honored. To have some one write a story with such inaccuracies as "the magic" is less than respectful, whether intended or not. I normally enjoy your work and find it enjoyable. However,I suggest that more research be done if you're planning on writing more about people such as myself and my brother/sisters. Please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to give ou more insight into the lifes of such as I. I'll be happy to share what little knowledge I have. Sincerely, Billie Two Feathers
A Story Song of the Berdache
This isi the kind of Body swap I like! People taking advantage! Well writtenif a little short. BUt come on the restof you. Is that Egomatic Eric the only writing body swaps?
While You Were Out of It
I'm not big on writing Review stuff, only did it a couple of time, but I can say that I really like this story. I only just started reading TG stories not too long ago.
Melissa's Change
I suspect this story is too long for on line reading. What do you think? Thanks, -- Bad Irving
In Search of Self

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FictionMania is sponsored by Glamour Boutique

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